May 19th, 2008

Lady Nor RS

Clan Wars 18-05-2008 screenshots


I had so much fun at Clan Wars today!~

I have not played RS let alone been apart of a Clan Event in over a month. I recently moved from Alberta for college back to my home province. Yes I am Canadian :P [here is a map showing how far said move was] I was also stuck using 'Dial-Up', with my Motorola RAZR's modem ^^;

I saw a lot of new faces and some regulars~ I want to do a mini-shout-out to PenguinSpawn for the Void Knight emsemble; I myself am fond of Guthix's little defenders.

One of the matches was 6vs.23 and we WON! We are so awesome and cool!

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[[Here]] is where all 26 screenshots I took from this event can be found.

Excuse the spelling and such, as I am sick & tired ^^; *flees*
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Back to posting with my phone as to keep my line free. Also my blood-pressure is low so I am prefering to watch TV from my bed instead of play anymore Bloodlines. I decided to try a Ventrue this morning. Madison DeLasky is her name. Domination does the job like Seduction but it isnt as fun. Trance though makes feeding in public possible on the fly. Vomiting all over is not cool though.

CSI Miami upset me. I am kinda confused though as I missed more than 1/2 of it because I dozed-off. Major Spoiler follows!Collapse )


Good luck Armie tomorrow on the Drivering-Learning!!!~♥

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