May 17th, 2008

Shink -doll-

Angel BoyxChurch SalexShaglehod!

I am glad to have Armie to talk to. A smidge of our Crack and I feel wonderful! Our Crack seems to get more alaborate everytime. We seem to have completely ruined the Vampire Chronicles for both of us...'my' Lestat is certainly never boring though XD He is a Rockstar afterall! Armie makes me feel so alive!

Today is the day of the annual churh sale! I bought a sythesizer last year :3 so I wonder what I shall procure this year :D

I am setting-up the Shaglehod [my computer] today in my bedroom *woooo~*!!!♥ I cant wait to play Bloodlines again and watch Doctor Who! Toreador!~ I may be playing Corina my Malkavian though.

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W00t, w00t!

Well it decided to pour today ;_; we still went out though :)

First we went to a moving/estate sale. I bought a lovely-though common-clear Dominion insilator [Im also a ICON member!]~♥ I also bought 2 books (a Alice book & a old gardening booj for the Maritimes), and a little bone-china owl teapot.

At the Baptist church I bought a box of ShojoBeats, a travel book (picture of the beautiful places of the world), a mini!knick-knack, "Masquerade" by 4 women [sure it is a `romance novel` *cough*smut*cough*, but the concept amused me. A mother passes a mask down to her daughter and she does the same to her daughter and ect. The stories involve their 'adventures' with said mask...I think the mask should have a blue-light test...or maybe not], a thing to plant my ivy in, some tins, and 2 hotdogs from the canteen. I ALSO GOT V:TM REDEMPTION, "HAVENS OF THE DAMNED" & "THE STORYTELLERS HANDBOOK"~! Yes, I bought that at a church.

I have decided to have a nap before I set-up mah comp. I am content~

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Kio ♥~

Shaglehod is a GO[-GO]!

Ok I have now set-up my lovely computer~♥!


I plugged in my RAZR to take-off my massive ammount of pictures using Moto Phone Tools and it popped-up "The is no Internet Connection found would you like to create one using your Motorola modem?" HELL YEAH! So I have some Internet atleast for now from my phone, but it has like the speed of Dial-Up :3 so I shall make some picture posts and then play ether Bloodlines or my new game --Redemption :D

"A Question of Lust" -- Depeche Mode
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female Protagonist

Mini Waya Cosplay GO!

"white falcon beauty"__from "Cain" -- Tiamat

Yes only one picture for this post as it takes so long to load the Insert Picture thing...if you want to see the rest just take a gander here in the gallery ^^;

I think my Waya poses are more flirty than they should be...I blame Lestat...[also the bangs are on different sides for some of the pics. The manga is less picky than the anime ^^;] 

Two more pictures semi-re-enacting a scene from the anime XD

Waya drinks from a obiously empty glass of orange juice and everyone laughs at him. Waya get's no love XP
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    A Question Of Lust -- Depeche Mode
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