May 15th, 2008

female Protagonist

I bez @ outpatients D:

2 women are here with kids; the dark-haired one comes back after taking the boy for a walk:

Woman#1: How was he?

Woman#2: I have a funny story to tell you.


Sarah: D:<

Yeah my mother took me to SMH instead of June taking me to Annapolis Royal. Hence no chiropractor(sp?) pour moi...*mock cries*

"Wong-Baker Faces Pain" chart amuses me more than it should...^^;

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Killua -flail-

Bababa >_

I have been here since 10am it is now 3pm. Sarah is not very happy. My mom also abandoned me here and told me to take the bus home! Sarah is not very happy at all.
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    my MP3 player's battery is dead ;_;
female Protagonist


Finally was seen by Dr.Salsman. I have a lingering virus and cant be given medication for it. Just continue with fluids & rest. I waited over 5 hours for that!? Im more pissed that my mother left me (sure not the first time and I should be used to it, but still) though I am irate over this whole day.
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    my MP3 player's battery is dead ;_;
female Protagonist


Oh. My. Fuck. Major spoiler below the cut.Collapse ) I called Kun today like I promised. Full of win babe full of win.</p>

I finally planted my plants June bought me from the sale. I must say the Forget-Me-Not looks damn good by the bed-parts. I hope it spreads and makes a good backdrop ^__^~♥ I feel better, but my throat and such is still *blargh* I think it is just that my spirits are good/high again. I was told this virus could last for another 2 weeks -__-; so I should get used to the difficulty swallowing @=3=@

"Yampire!" Im in Zinnian cosplay tonight XD bandana and all~!

The Shaglehod may be up soon!~

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