May 14th, 2008

mizerable Gackt

LestatxMinn-TiddlesxVirbio's Healer

I have a massive urge to watch "Interview With The Vampire", but I dont have it on DVD and I have a taped VHS but am without a VCR. A copy of it is on my Birthday Wishlist...I am blaming the urge on my 'head!Lestat!muse acting-up. I miss role-play on Gizmo. "Stop looking at my buttons."

I took Minnow for 2 walks today! I am very sick of being stuck in the house!!! The weather has sucked and I have been sick. I am still sick & it is cold & windy but the sun was out! Dug-up my poor begonia-honey today, and brought it inside. It spent the weekend under a bucket & got blustered this morning.

Going to outpatients tomorrow morning! Ive had a sore throat for a week & I still feel like crap. The ColdFX and such has only helped some. I have been getting rest and liquids; I just hope to get something for my throat. I also finally get to see Dr.Martin tomorrow too! I have a knee problem which doesnt hurt but causes pain in my hip & lower back. Im happy to get reajusted. My last session was in Dec ;__;

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