May 11th, 2008


These are reply comments for my lastest post to Kun and Armie

It is not letting me reply directly so this is the last time I will strain my thumbs trying!

Armadei: *badger, badger!* and a guy on TV just explained that a 'badger' can also mean a ugly woman in NFLD...and a 'beaver' is a vagina...o_O I want to and would love to be your Brat Prince! I just need a wig, a piratey/poet shirt, tights and maybe some faux-fur to be Fabulas(screw spelling!) enough. Im afraid I can only be Crack!Lestat however.

Will you be obsessive about me even if you are short? [and act like you want Black Cat's sex? >.> "TrAA-In!"]

Kun: I think I can maybe I can dye a regular nurse outfit. I need to look at pictures of her now. (Make-up is fun but dont decide to play with scalples and clamps!)

I want to cosplay regular Maron not her as Jeanne[too difficult! a bet awesome...]. Either her school uniform (the yellow&green outfit. I think I would just need to have the vest-thing and cuffs made.) or her pink&white jumper outfit.

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Kio -grr-


Do. Not. Spoil. Me. For. The. New. "Loveless". Chapter.


I have read it now ^_^ [though not really '^_^' in reagards to the content...]
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Shink love :D

*boup, boup* yet again...blame Minnow and the ColdFX?

Dug-out my older ShonenJUMPs today to find a picture of Eliza. She weilds a halbred not a giant needle! Ive had a long love of weapons like a naginata or a hyup-do~♥ Though none of my melee characters use them; I use sexy battle axes! She doesnt have heels ether~ I could even use the Lestat wig I will have by then ;3 I dont know if I would ask Kun-honey to cosplay Faust VIII. Batshit and full of morphine -_-; He cut-out his own tibia and replaced it o_o I wanted to finish that shaman fight but I cant find the December 2004 copy...I have no idea where it went. Tamao appears around chapter 50 though. Her and Lyserg were my favorite characters besides Yoh. I am more excited about the sexy Brat Prince though.

Im tempted to buy a wig and some sunglasses and go as Rockstar Lestat for The Rave instead of Kio this year. It would be the same outfit (tight black pants and black dress shirt) just with a blond wig XD "tell me how bad I am, it makes me hurtfeel so good." Or I could wear my fishnet hoodie!

Toreador Zinnian


Im watching CSI and there was a blackjack dealer who was killed because she was believed to be some-sort-of ancient superior humanoid snake creature [Reptilian]. She was killed by a Slayer/Xena warrior-woman. Is it bad that the first thing that came to my mind was "Follower of Set"?
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