May 10th, 2008

female Protagonist

"I like being in your gravy-boat~"

Well no plant-sale for Sarah. Ive got a sore throat, stuffed&sore nose, and a fever. Minn also kept me up last night. I still would have ventured-out but it is raining and -8c. Im going to rest and have some soup later-on. Minnow is sleeping on my chest too.
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    Leorio"s song ;3
female Protagonist

Boup, boup? [blame the ColdFX for that noise]

I am in damn high spirits for being stuck in bed~! My back of my nose is more sore than my throat. I have this faint smell/taste of blood that I get when I have a sore throat. But I have a sexy Tim Horton's c-o-f-f-e-e to tide that over for a smidge.

I have decided I want to cosplay Kuro-sama [Train Harnette(sp?)] someday. I am in the process of rewatching "Black Cat" for a third time. I could use my Yoshitaka Waya wig for him. I also sooo want to cosplay Maron from "KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne". She like Andromeda Shun is a long-time want. I want to cosplay Azuma Kazuma from that bread anime/manga I love too...I wouldnt need a wig eventhough Kawachi is my fav' character from it. And if I can make it to PortCon2009 I plan to badger Armie into a Lestat&Armand Variety Hour event. And maybe a Faust&Eliza pair. I know everyone dreams of Nor-chan in a pink nurse outfit >;3 (with a giant needle no-less)! PortCon2009 is a VERY far-off-dream though.

I am also seriously considering being our Leorio...