May 9th, 2008

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I will be unreachable from 10:30am-ish till sometime in the afternoon. I am attending June's aunt's funeral. Violet Marie Hannam; she was almost 101. June, Charles and I have decided it feels more weird than sad.
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female Protagonist

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Not going now. Wendy is having trouble with her side (she is waiting to get a hernia fixed) and my throat is really sore and I feel blah. I'll stay and rest and keep Wendy company.
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"Oh my?! You've put the boy in a dress!!"

"and it won't show stains!"

"Kingdom Hearts II" volume #2 came today from Chapters&Indigo!~ I preordered it when I bought my Drawing2 textbook. Axel is once again sexy and very a "if I trip my nose may poke-out your eye!" not 'pointy' in a "hey baby!" erect way...I love Axel in the manga. Also what-the-Hell Merryweather...

In other news Wendy bought me a light-yellow 'faux rose' begonia plant-honey!

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