May 3rd, 2008

Kio -*pffft*-

Truck-buggyxDeLitexJealous Rockstar

Well I got to see a tractor made out of a old pick-up truck. Yes I still live on a rural farm :3 Charles has dubbed the hybred the 'Truck-Buggy'!

I played my DS today! First-time since January. Im still on Ron DeLite's 2nd trial...I just entered the courtroom actually. {I think Godot may be Mia's dead fiane[no accents on my phone :,(]...}Id like to be a thief too~ *snork* Ms.Andrews is hot ;P

My head-voice Lestat is being bothersome today. I broke-out into "C'est Moi" this morning D: Armand/Angel Boy is also still amusing me..."Sorry gone into voluntary Torpor for 2 weeks." Just don't Fed-Ex my poor little Toreador...though it might cost around 130$CAD if you're tempted.

My new Peace Lily plant-honey is now named 'dev'~ [or maybe 'Nikki'?]

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