April 23rd, 2008

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Thought I'd make another one of my "What I'm listening to lately" posts ^^;

1. "A Pain That I'm Used To" -- Depeche Mode
2. "Moi Lolita" -- Alize [Armand est un petite lolita? Lestat aime la douleur. Louis ADORE(adoré?) les boutons sur la manteau du Lestat! Armand avait(a?) des rapports sexuels avec la micro-ondes et le mixeur et Daniel sur le lit du l'argent? Est-ce la Crack?]
3. "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" -- Stars
4. "Colours of Rainbow" -- The Red Elvises
5. "Toreador" -- Apocalyptica
6. "Sex and Candy" -- Marcy Playground
7. "The Healing" -- Carfax Abbey
8. "Take A Chance On Me" --Erasure (ABBA cover)
9. "Stardust" -- Muse
10. "Baka Suvivor" -- Ulfuls
11. "Fly Me To The Moon" -- Diana Krall
12."Bloodsucker 2000" -- Paralyzed Age [I'm addicted to this song right now -__-]
13. "Love Is The Rage" -- Erasure
14. "Luv Addict" -- Family Force 5
15. "Lover Boy" -- l'Arc~en~Ciel
16. "My Beautiful Rescue" -- This Providence
17. "Truely, Madley, Deeply" -- Erasure [the types of love I was refering to the night I joked about eating dev's ear ^^;]
18. "el Tango de Roxanne" -- from Moulin Rouge
19. "Rio" -- Duran Duran
20. "Redemption" -- Gackt
21. "Soul To Bleed" -- Carfax Abbey [or "sOUL to BLeEd"]

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This seems to have a theme, but I'm not sure what...?

"Dites-moi comment je suis mauvais, je me sens si bien."___Lestat

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Ciao! [until I get Internet]

Well I'm packing my computer within the hour and shipping it. [I'm just burning a few disks to watch until I set-up my Internetless computer when it arrives]

I will still be reachable by e-mail, and phone though. I can still read my Friends' Page, and can make voice posts. I will post my new cell-phone number as soon as I get it!

Sarah Dumphy
P.O. Box 221
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
B0S 1C0

Anything sent to my old Dorm address will not be recieved ;___;

E-mail me to ask for my house number if you need it, but will post my new cell' number when I get it. [Kun you can get my house number from Armadei.]

I leave you with a panel that made me snicker for the wrong reasons. [I will say that "Tasty, and easy. and warm" sounds so wrong...though a little bit after this Kio mentions that he hads sexual innuendos *bzut?!*]

I'll also try to book mah reservations and ferry ticket once I get settled :D

It seems strange that this is the last time I'm going to be able to make a post here, or that last night was the last time I got to sleep in my bed here (I'll sleep on the couch tonight). I'm sad.

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