April 19th, 2008

Toreador Zinnian


Well my exam wasn't so bad. I REALLY should have studied the 1400's & early 1500's. but I thought they weren't going to be on the exam as we covered them at mid-term...I also completely forgot to study Baroque & Neo-Classicism -___-; I suck. I think I may pull off a 78% ;_;

It also is snowing.

I finally got around to scanning the doodle I did for Armadei for her Birthday (will have Monster's up by tonoight I think). I even coloured it in OC 1.1 :3


Yep random picture of dev [her Malkavian Bloodlines character]. I went by one of her screenshots so it may be off a bit.

dev = pimp :P

Now I want to have a nap and then stuff myself with steak. Then I need to pack. Actually first I want to give Jess her cross-stitch Wendy made her...She left :(

Fixed the hat's colours~

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