April 15th, 2008

Kio -*lick*-

V:tMxPackingxThe Doctor

Packed some today(technically yesterday) to ship for my move next week. Hit my head in the crawl-space and had a pounding headache from it -___-; Decided that I can wait till tomorrow morning to pack another box.

Played "Bloodlines" for awhile while I did laundry. Started-over my Corina [Malkavian~] game as I was a lazy-sod when I created it and didn't do the tutorial. I need to finish with my lovely Toreador though (he is named Zinnian, but looks nothing like him and I can't very well act completly like him).

Speaking of Zinnian; it seems everytime I have a 'Conversation' [long, long switchy-subject & random chat] with Armie I have odd dreams involving me as him. This did not happen when I used to play him, so I am curious to find-out if it happens once we start our Santa Monica Chronicle :3 I don't really care if I do continue having them as they should contain dev [her character], and dev is just full of awesome. I'm glad I have my own copy of the rulebook now & of the Toreador Clanbook. It's rather hard getting into Zinn's head again, 'specially now since he seems to have gone a little odd up there since I role-played him last. Atleast I've managed to get into his sitting positions and his odd smirky-wink ploy again. I can't wait to start!

I have a busy day today; packing, cleaning, shipping, shopping, and studying for my Art History final-exam...I also need to see today or Wednesday about getting my artwork back from school & my 'egg drawings' that were at the gallery back. I hope they haven't tossed them, especially my drawings & that water-colour painting I did. Atleast I know my oil-pastel flowers are safe!~

I also watched another episode of "Doctor Who" (Ninth Doctor) yesterday. It made me somewhat uneasy for some reason, but I could just blame that on the sleep-deprivation. I love the Ninth Doctor the best~♥ He is just so cool.

It feels so strange that I'm moving in like 9 days. That I'll never sleep in this room again, and that I won't be able to go-about Grande Prairie again (I may come back though and continue my major). I have a lot to pack, but it doesn't seem like a lot when I survey my stuff. I REALLY need to organize under my bed and such.

Anyway; Take-care & ciao~!

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"♪I need to take some lessons in salsa dancing, cause I can see I'm dancing like a cow♫"

Today I packed & packed. I had to re-pack the box I packed last night as I forgot the box for one of the things.

Behold Box-Mountain!

Collapse )

This is the fruits of my labors; not including the box for alchemy_hisoka& the little parcel for benchiladawhich are down in my room. I still have more stuff to pack (including my computer >_<), but this is most of the heavy items. I have $180 to spend on shipping everything but my computer.

My back is telling me it is *blergh* because of the lifting and I tell it to hold-out until I am back in NS.

I also went to school tonight and collected my Drawing & Visual Fundamentals stuff. I need to get my Painting things & my 'egg drawings' next. 

Cost me $118 D:
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