April 9th, 2008


Oh Wikipedia!

Yeah seriously that site when I use it makes me just read and read, and somehow switch topics via a connected path.

Last night it was me looking-up info on werewolves, which led to 'fictional shapeshifters', which led to Ryoga from "Ranman 1/2" [I miss the Ranma Project since I never got to finish reading the manga], which led to Mitsuko from "Bloody Roar", which led to Mana from the same series, which led to a character named Mana from "Sailor Moon", which led to much reading about what characters I remembered from when I used to be a huge fan of the series, which led to me reading about French pastry, which led to France, which led to Lestat, which led to Vampires, which lead to me reading about the Carnival from Vampire Redemption Requiem...

female Protagonist

Getting ready to move back...

Planned-on packing all my heavy books this evening. I can't seem to fine my Flash & Illustrator CS texts though. I guess the books will have to wait until I clean under my bed (though I looked there for them) and such before they can be shipped.

If I were feeling spunky I'd clean under my bed tonight (not dirty just has a mass of papers, my carboard scupltor, and some clothes I need to fix/sew buttons back on). However I took my Singulair when I took my Nexium by accident and am thus suffering the drowsiness-=effects of said medication.

I did Clean-up the papers on part of my desk, and put away my clothes-pile that had amassed itself. I also wiped my desk-off & got rid of the bottles (vodka-coolers from over a month ago) & cans on it...and the stack of tea-bag packets.

I am going to bed soon as I can feel how sleepy I am becoming. If I wake-up before too late I shall looks again for my Adobe text-books.

To-Do List:
have shower or bath,
check mail (hopefully my books will have come & parcel from Wendy), [came the 10th]
buy folders so I can organize my school papers,
buy "Pictorial History of Grande Prairie",
bring everything back home,
go to appointment with Dr.Steward (Joanne),
Organize school-papers in drawer
do laundry,
put-away laundry,
find Adobe books,
tape-up & wrap box of books in brown-paper,
find locker at school (rented it and never found or used it),
wrap PS2 & GameCube in winter clothes and pack game-system&games box,
tape-up & wrap game-box,
e-mail or call Tina Martel and get egg drawings back,
pick-up remaining artwork at school,
gather-up all artwork,
copy items off school computer account,
buy permanate sealent,
seal what needs sealing (i.e. charcoal drawings),
put dust-covers on what needs it,
burn disks, [have a few more to burn]
ship Trevor's & Armie's parcels,
ship game-systems & books with Purilator,
record female voice acting parts for Richard,
scan drawings I need to (Monster's & Armadei's birthday ones),
get more heavy boxes,
clean under bed,
pack items under bed (spare sheets & other items in the rolly-slidey-storage-things),
pack 'mature items' box,
buy more bubble-wrap for computer,
organize & clean-up dry-food in corner,
pack nick-knacks,
take pictures and walk around school grounds,
clean shelves except for hardrive boxes,
pack everything except for computer items and what is needed untill last-minute,
tape-up & wrap all packed items,
ship everything 'cept compute and last-minute items,
move all last minute items out of room,
clean room (vacuum, sweep, mop, check for damages,
return last-minute items to room,
clean-off camera & phone,
pack computer the 22nd,
ship computer,
give Marsha Frederick, Estelle, Claudia, & Heather,
give Marsha my plastic storage items,
pack suitcases,
hand-in final essay,
pack last-minute items (air matress, kettle, pots & pans, mugs, ect.),
give last-minute box to Marsha to ship,
board plane
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