April 5th, 2008

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Bloodlines 04-05-2007

*does a little "I shotgunned Jezebel Locke dance*

One of the attemps I made [before I started using Celerity to run around while reloading...took 10 shots at close-range D:], when she was talking to me it glitched and she kept using Presence constantly...it almost made her look pretty. 

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On-ward to Victory Damsel! 

Damn I'm getting glitches in the other sewers!!! 

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[will continue up until the Canucks' game]


Yep about to watch the last Vancouver Canucks' game of the season. They are out of the play-off, so I shall sit-back in my jersey and stuff myself with pizza & Pepsi (special edition Stanley Cup Pepsi, along with that Coke burns more if I chug it) and enjoy what may be Trevor Linden's last game.

Next year!
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female Protagonist

Voice Post:

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““Yep, on the coach, watching the Canucks game, watching movies and they don't know if Linden's gonna retire or not yet. They even talked talked to his parents. They said he hasn't decided yet, he's gonna weigh his options first and stuff. He played 20 years for the same team. He wasn't even in minor league, just went, got drafted right away to the Canucks. He's been playing for 20 years for them. Yeah I ate, 2/3s of my pizza and 2 cans of pop and I'm sitting here almost falling asleep because I am so full and stuff and I think on the caffeine I should be awake but I'm not. But yeah like they've taken Luongo out of the game, so that they got Sanford playing and yeah they're talking about how Luongo there's gonna be a top pick for the world championships in Québec City and Halifax. So, Luongo just had a first daughter right? So I don't know if he'll play or not but if he is gonna be in the Halifax one, I should see how much it costs and go Halifax is only 3 hours from where I live. I'll get the bus for $25, I won't need to pay, like lodging and stuff and like stay with Diane. But I don't know yeah. I don't know once ___ for all like I should get linked but you know I hope it doesn't turn in to another I fall asleep in my coach and wake up like 3 minutes watching the third period. Wanna have some ice cream but I'm full and I want something sweet, but I'm full. I hope Luongo gets put in again. I'd like to see him play since it is the last game of the season till next year.””

Transcribed by: lady_noremon


Vancouver Canucks lost by 6 points for 7-1 Calgary Flames.

By the looks of it this was Trevor Linden's last game, and if it wasn't the reaction by the fans and the other team are probably pressuring it to be his last one.

I wonder what is going to happen with all the free agents now? --Naslund included.