April 4th, 2008


Happy Birthday Armadei!

Happy Birthday Armie [alchemy_hisoka]!!!!~♥

I do have a little doodle to scan when it isn't late-at-night [Raiden is NOISEY at times], and a parcel will be on it's way when I get to The Co-Op next to mail it :3 (just thought I'd post this now incase you check LJ in the morning like you have before, and before I get busy playing Bloodlines after-class tomorrow >;3)

*flails & gives sweets to*

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Sniper Wolf01

Bloodlines 04-04-2007

Decided to keep exploring what I found-out is a abandoned hospital. Discouvered that it is what I am guessing to be a Nagaraja...a messed-up Nagaraja that appears to eat more than she needs to, and is very....gruesome with it. She goes by the name of a old lover; Pisha. I told her that I'd go get Millton (so I could escape from her), but I told him to run-like-hell D: I felt bad that the door was locked and I couldn't save goth-guy...[I didn't save, because I plan-on finishing with Jezebel Locke first].

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Speaking of the 'Oh. My. Fuck. I hate that bitch' Jezebel Locke, I am having a hard time beating her. I think I may need to return to Fat Joe (is that is name?) and get some more ammo for my 12-gauge...I can only get her down to about 1/3 health with what I have now. I can't do very good with melee ether. My revolver isn't very lethal on Kindred, so I'm stuck to my shotgun....

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I shall have to try and beat the Plaguebearer(s?) tomorrow as I am exhausted for tonight.

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[will continue this tomorrow]