April 1st, 2008


Media Club

MediaClub is excellent! It's a site where you can download digital albums in .MP3 :D I usually find them shoddy, but they had good reviews and the ability to pay by PayPal seemed really good so I put $5 on my account.

Today I bought "Second Skin" from Carfax Abbey [really like them thanks to Armadei & their MySpace site], and "Skake Your Pelvis" from The Red Elvises [I really wanted this!].

I plan on putting a bit more on my account and finally getting "Words Carved Within" from Dream Weaver :D [Dream Weaver used to be my favourite band (I would have got it today, but I didn't know they had it avalible, and I need $1.64 to buy it, and I only have $1.40 left)]

So yep very happy!


The cross-stitch pattern came this morning, after being shipped the day I sent a e-mail threatening to file a dispute unless they contacted me.

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Kio -*lick*-

Canadians like it on top >;3

Oh did I ever mention I've taken-up 'private stripping'? [dev is my pimp]  


My rates are about 55 Koruny a hour. 


Yes, t'was meant to be a April Fool's Prank...
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Right: blue Left: green

 Armadei commented that my Toreador Zinnian reminded her somewhat of Jeanette from "Vampire: The Masquerade; Bloodlines" well tonight I find-out they even have the same eye-colour(s) o_o;


I find this very creepy O_o;

Also Blood-Bank-Guy is batshit and creepy D: