March 28th, 2008

Kio -ponder-

'The Convoluted Route'

I am putting this here as a reminder and a further explaination of the way I would have to travel to get to Portland, ME on July 3rd earlier in the day than between 8:30pm-9pm.

Yarmouth NS ---> Bar Harbor ME via The Cat,
Bar Harbor for the night at The Robbins Motel,
Bar Harbor ---> Bangor via Bar Harbor Shuttle,
Bangor ---> Portland via Concord Trailways

Now as-for the Departure & Arrival times;

Canadian Atlantic = GMT-4

July 2nd;
Arrive in Yarmouth from Bridgetown at 3pmCanadian Atlantic,
Depart Yarmouth at 4:00pmCanadian Atlantic for Bar Harbor,
Arrive in Bar Harbor at between 7-7:30pmEST,
grab supper (or bring something with me :3) & something for breakfast the next day (the site I saw recommendations for had breakfast included but the owner says that now they only offer free coffee),
take taxi to Robbins Motel,
July 3rd;
Depart from Robbins Motel at 9:00am via Bar Harbor Shuttle for BangorEST,
Arrive in Bangor at the Concord Trailways Terminal around 10:30amEST,
Depart Bangor for Portland at ether 11:15amEST or 3:15:pmEST (depending what bus I catch),
Arrive in Portland at ether 1:30pmEST or 5:30pmEST

The prices;

ferry ticket = $80USD,
motel = $58USD,
taxi = $12 flate-rate,
shuttle = $27USD,
bus ticket = $25USD

And a note to myself --the websites & phone numbers;

The Cat; 902-566-3838,
Bar Harbor Shuttle; 207-479-5911,
Robbins Motel; 800-858-0769 [or 207-288-3918],
Concord Trailways; 800-639-3317,
At Your Service Taxi; 207-288-9222

I'm actually liking the sounds of this route as I could tourist-around a bit in Bar Harbor. However I need to ask Wendy's & June's thoughts on this, and see about booking things with my MasterCard (pre-paid MuchMusic MC)

I of course would be taking The Cat from Portland back to Yarmouth, whenever it is I would be leaving America --The Cat departs Thursday-Sunday at 8:00amEST so I'd like to be there at 7:00amEST. 


Seems ok with June, haven't talked to Wenni yet. [I'm actually thinking this would be fun] 


Wendy has declared I would get lost in Portland, and should still consider taping a sign with 'Maine" on it to my tent and going there >.> She is joking of course. Really this is the thing I have to look forward to :3 and I need to visit Lenny if possible for her.


My current cell-phone number: 780-830-6270
My Nova Scotia house number (I won't be there till April 25th): 902-665-4571

I'll post my new cell-number when I change it to a NS one :3
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Bloodlines did not come today ether D: so I can't play it over the weekend like I had hoped.

I didn't go to class today, as I am sick. The fever I had has gone up, and my throat is sore now. I had a hard-time yesterday while writing my Art History test with keeping my eyes focused, and decided that I should not go to a 'note taking' class since it is worst today. I feel cold, weak, shakey, and sore. I also slept for 11 hours last night.

I'm just going to rest & read this weekend.


GreyHound is horrible to phone D: I was selected to take a survey afterwards, and they called me back for it. It was a automated one and it said to "press 1 to confirm that you wish to take the survey" and I did and it said "invalid option *pause* Good-bye." thus it was a crappy survey :P

Also the Tourism Nova Scotia guy I spoke with (after being referred to call after talking to Maritime Travel) called me 'dear' XD And the Maine Greyhound guy sounded like he was from Minnesota...

But yes I'm off to do dishes & fill my kettle, then I'll make my bed & crash again.


buy disks,
burn stuff,
make another appointment with Joanne,
make dentist appointment for check-up,
read "Monkey Beach" for English,
do RuneScape Easter event if it is still available, [completeed with Lady_Noremon, started with Edwardochan, but failed when update was made and it reset]
finish some drawings,
ship Armadei's parcel,
clean desk,
put-away clothes,
figure out what needs to be shipped first & what can wait,
scan 2nd story from "For My Love",
finish "A Stitch In Time",
finish "La Petite Prince",
contact Save-On-Food to see if they will send C-Force merchandise to Grande Prairie so I can redeem my Membership coupons [C-Force is the Vancouver Canucks' fan-club, and Grande Prairie Save-On-Foods only deals with the Oilers' fan-club],
clean bathroom/tub,
water Frederick, Claudia, Estelle, & Heather
buy shipping boxes from Staples,
call Sister Peterson about teaching her paper-quilling,
print-out stuff at the college library,
watch more Doctor Who 2005,
eat watermelon before it goes bad [also if Armadei ever comes to NS, I want to go on a 'adventure' to buy a local watermelon from one of the near-by farms]

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PortCon2008 cosplays~

Since Armie & Kun posted their's today here is what I have for PortConMaine2008;

Kaido Kio from "Loveless" [for probably Thursday, but whatever day Armie wears Ritsuka],
Formal!Kio [for the formal if I can find something nice :3 I'm thinking pin-stripe pants & purple vest & bowtie and a dress-shirt],
Andromeda Shun from "Saint Seiya" [no idea what day for him. Maybe the Rave?],
Killua Zaoldyeck from "Hunter x Hunter" [for HxH day. I was going to try and get a Leorio together, but Armie really wants twin!Killuas, and I am to please :D],
Yoshitaka Waya [if I can find a wig & style it, then I'll have this to go with Armie's Isumi or Akira. I'm going to go for the outfit he had with the blue over shirt and muted forest camo t-shirt...I'll try and get a screenshot...]

I still wanted to cosplay Lestat, but we shall see ^^;

I'm thinking this wig for Waya. It's from Perihair the same as my Kio wig so it should be s'lright :D [I'd have to buy it from the Perihair site as that one ends in 10hours]!

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