March 25th, 2008

female Protagonist

Weird dream o_o;

Trippy-ass dream caused by the slight fever I have (my normal is 96 and this is 100.2). I never really have 'bad' dreams when I have a fever (I did not take my pill last night as I was tired anyway, and thus didn't need it). The worst dream I can remember that I've had while being sick (excluding the TRIPPY-AS-HELL one involving a bounce-tent and dwarfs&gnomes&stuffed animals where everything wouldn't stop spinning, and I had a knitted afghan...) was the one where I was shot in the stomach for being caught as a spy. I died in that I guess I've disproved the 'die in a dream, die in real-life' thing. Also my fever dreams are very vivid (like I can feel textures).


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I was unable to fall back asleep so I am now up for the day and will be leaving for class in a hour-or-so ^^; [I want breakfast!!!!!!!~♥]
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