March 13th, 2008





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Kio -ponder-

New Keyboard -____-'

 Got a new keyboard. I don't like it too much, but it was the cheapest Wal*Mart had. I still plan to buy a replacement RT7D20 Dell model when I get a chance though. I can get a refurbished one real cheap from ebay :3 [as it is a 2002 model...]

I miss how noisey the key strokes were for my old one :(

I'm hoping to try out the media-buttons this one has though with CrystalPlayer tonight however.

A lso this keybaord is tinier than the other, and doesn't raise as high with the little feety-thingys in the back.... 


The media-buttons don't work in CrystalPlayer but that is fine. 

CALCULATOR BUTTON!!!!! It will ope-up calculator when it is pressed :D [I play RS using the official client and I use calculator a lot to tally things (like EXP, GP, ect.) :D]

Mail button sucks. I hit it and it opens-up Outlook and AIM and gives me errors....GMail is set as my default mail though....

My Computer (which I typed as 'cumputer') button should be helpful XD

Home opens another IE window when pressed, when not viewing a browser page. Like if I was watching something and pressed it it would open a new window. If I hit it when browsing/looking at a page in IE it would return me to my home page...

Media-thingy button opens Windows Media Player 8 for me.

The volume buttons would be helpful if I wasn't using a headset witht he volume control on the cord :3 [so when I use speakers it will help]
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