March 8th, 2008


Quiz I took after talkign soooo long to Armie

The response I loved the most was "Cloud-gazing. Not just for the shapes, or the meanings of the shapes, but the meanings in the cracks between them"

I had actually gotten Giovanni, but I went back and changed the "But the stars are so lovely" answer to "Sleep well, Sir" to get a clan from Bloodlines and because "Sleep well, Sir" is actually more what I woudl say (I took the 'stars' answer as being flirty :3)

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And another;

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NP Appointment

[Nurse Practicioner/Councelor] Deemed I was depressed. Gave me a note to excuse missing the next 2 weeks of school. Told me to relax and do what I want. Get out of the house. Make sure I eat and get enough sleep, ect.

Told me it is no wonder I am this way since I have suffered a massive lose [both in my support net, and emotionally]. She also told me to get in contact with him as I won't be able to get better without some (even a tiny bit of) closure on it.
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I am also stressed about school. There is a strong chance I will not pass the course. I will have wasted all this time and all this money for nothing. I can still catch-up as of now (in everything but Canadian History) but then again I CAN'T create (Art) or write essays when I am in this Haze. Yesterday I was told ASAP to get a note for school as I am not functioning and should not force myself to do what I am seriously unable to do.

Relax, 'spoil myself' (do what I want/enjoy, when I want to), eat, sleep as much as I can, get out of the house, talk to friends, be around people, get in contact with/from Matt, and go to my appointments is what I have been told to do. (may need to go on something if I don't get any better after my two-weeks. Right-now is settling the stress and getting caught-up on all this sleep I've missed. I was told that should help emensley)
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