February 24th, 2008

female Protagonist

Done done done

No more "Unity (1918)"...I'll miss it baby.

I am drunk right now. The drunkest I've been ever.

I've had a Bacardie Orange, several cocktails [including a Screwdriver (hence my Zinnian user-picture)], and some tequila(sp?). I am now nursing a Malibu & orange-juice whuch may find it's way into the fr4idge before I finish it.

I kept wanting to grope someone D: [and yeah my plan was aborted]

Now I is going to bed/couch.
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female Protagonist

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Not really hung-over, but extremly tired.

Tanis came home and was right noisey with her friend. I pretended to be asleep. You would think she would reconize that when someone has their I.D. change purse, and a empty red plastic cup with blue straws in it; sitting on the counter along with being flopped on the couch they may just have been out late drinking/partying...wank.

Now I'm trying to get my speakers workign so I can listen to music while showering [I'm craving "Waiting For The Night" and ANY Erasure]. Then if my stomach co-operates I shall have some tea. I had scambled eggs at 3-something-ish and I had 2 cups of V8 juice.

Here is "I Feel Loved" which partway through sounds kinda like Quinton Flynn...

I also missed the Clan Wars event for today because I was asleep -____-;
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