February 4th, 2008


PortCon2008 Cosplay change

Since falling back in love with "Saint Seiya" (or "Knights of The Zodiac" as I remember it) upon writting my springkink fanfic & reading and watching parts again, I have decided that instead of Organziation XIII Roxas, I will be cosplaying Shun.

Andromeda Shun was my first real favourite anime character and HyogaxShun was my first ever OTP.

I remember being so sad in 2004 of not being able to go as Shun for Halloween...

Shun would be very easy to do aswell. I will just need a green t-shirt, white suspenders & white pants. I will be buying this wig if our trip to Edmonton is canceled (only 12 people signed-up and that's not enough to cover the cost of the bus & lodgings). I'll find out within the next 2 days. I have $120 invested for the trip. If not I have pleanty of time to find another.

I wish I could re-watch the anime now or have access to my manga (but the manga is in NS) :,(

I sooooo want to hear English dubb Shun again (they did a exellent job of the dubb and Shun sounded sexy).

I want to find my Hyoga & Shun action figures now :D
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