January 23rd, 2008

Kio -grr-


I hate this colour-wheel matching assignment. Thalo blue is not blue-green...


24 rectangles per line.

I know Thalo will look greenish if mixed with other colours, but not Colbalt Blue Hue. It just made it dark and messed-up my mixing-well D:
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Pretty much that it was School Club Day today during Common-Hour and that I was going to hang-out at school and see what there was.

I ended-up joining The Anime Club & The Gaming Club, and plan on checking-out The Medieval Club ;P

I also volunteered to help with backstage for "Unity (1918)" I was asked to go to the rehearsal tonight, but I did laundry and was way too tired (I started nodding-off in DrawingII and letting my white-'charkoal' slip or fall out of my hand...)