January 20th, 2008

Lady Nor RS

No more Slayer or Combat training for awhile...

 Yeah this weekend due to my 'feeling like crap' I decided to train Slayer & Combat. Below the cut is what I acheived and other stuff.

Collapse )

I am now DONE training for awhile, I'm now lvl 50 Combat so should be no qwuims for now :P

"and I'm gone, like I'm dancing on angels"____"Dead Man Walking" -- David Bowie

Meaning it's 3:10am and I'm oing to bed now that I'm ready for it XD [I was just going to train till I got to lvl 50, but then I only had 20 more hill giants to kill, so I decided to go with it eventhough I was out of food >.>] 
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