January 17th, 2008


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Yeah single now.

Also Matthew wants me out of his life completely.

So I've also lost my very best-friend. 

I feel sick and cold right now.

Nothing more I can really say.
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Lady_Noremon and RuneScape ramble

I originally started playing RS because my best-friend fox_avenger started. Now this was not my first hearing of the game. About a year before this a lot of people at school were crazy for it. They would even go to the local libray making it hard to get a computer when I used to go there (I did not get the internet on my own computer till late-September 2003). Two of my friends were even in this clan called D.E.A.T.H., Chad being the leader.

Yeah Trev wanted me to play so we did and had a grand time. We even got krogoth5to play. We would talk about it at school, I would share my wealth with them, and when we had a get-together at ether Trevor's or Matt's house we would play via dial-up. We even made a clan of 3 people U.F.B. [United Furry Brigade] -- yeah. Matt got tired of it about 2 months after and Trev and I still played for a bit. I even got Trevor into The Renegades. Trevor stopped playing though once it got boring due to not playing with all 3 of us and he stopped.

I kept playing since I had joined runescaperunescapeloungeand that had me busy and part of something.

I also contiuned playing since I had The Renegades to hang-out with. The day Applesider & Corruptengel disbanded the clan without warning made me feel empty inside. I had so much fun in it. I had made some friends and some people I could just hang-out with. I miss playing with thought_snowand Djyniel too...I also miss Pie209, and I feel bad that I've lost touch with everyone.

Yeah Vilor one of the top people of The Renegades created Gielnor with the same values as before but the clan was smaller. I met Mr_Archer81 here and when I became 2nd in charge he was my right-hand-man. I was even temporary leader for about a month, voted to it infact. Nothing feels better then having people look-up to you in that way willingly enough to vote for you to be leader even if it was only temporary.

Yeah real-life started getting in the way with the members and it just was let die. I decided after that I did not want to be in anymore clans for awhile.

Over this time though my reason for playing RuneScape changed. It went from playing to hang-out with my 2 best-friends, to playing because I was thought-of as someone kind and good. I felt I was regarded with dignity and such. This is when I started with the 'Lady Norémon Mask'. When I played my faults did not matter anymore. I only could show-off my good points. Lady_Noremon became who I wish I was idealy.

Then Trevor & Matt and me started hanging-out more on MSN (Trevor had since moved, and Matt was about to). We would role-play like StarFox, and just generally chill. Matt and I also got more serious and I felt this intense love with us. I stopped playing RS -'cept for the holiday items- simply because I was as well liked like I was in RS only with actual people I could touch. The only difference was that I was exuberently loved including all my faults. I didn't need RS to make me feel good, because I had more then just that. I had true friends that would always be beside me through everything, and I would always be there for them. We even made a pact to always be friends. I called them brothers and they called me sister.

I started playing again since Trevor has been so busy, and Matt decided he no longer felt that way about me. I didn't start playing it again though to feel like somebody; I started playing again because I wanted to rekindle that joy and fun and try and get back with the friends I had met there.

I am now playing without that 'mask'. I don't need to be perfect for people to like me. lilmagegurl808even made me a General in her clan. Because I was being me, and I guess just-me is likeable.

I still have true friends outside of RuneScape, but I also have really good ones from the game too (ignoreddudebeing one of them). I don't plan on ever again just dropping-out of something, now that I know I have that. I wish everyone I used to play with could know how much they helped shape me into who I am today. RuneScape gave me confidence with Sarah.

I have been playing RS since November 2003~ and dispite me being a lazy sod at training combat, I know a lot about the game and it's like a second skin to me. I REALLY hate how they modified the hair-style I have though with a graphic upgrade. it now looks less like my hair (I modeled Lady Nor after what I look like, hence she had messy reddish-brown hair). It is now 'dreadlocks' *cries*


I love Armadei by the way, as I didn't mention her in this ramble, but she has made me who I am aswell. I would like to call her my twin, but she already has some too, so maybe we are quintuplettes then?
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