January 16th, 2008



I'm off as soon as Marsha calls and I put my pants on (like my pants-pants, not my pajama ones I have on...I don't go around in the mornings in just my panties)

I am scared shitless and I REALLY needed to talk to Matt, but unless he is up this early in the morning I won't get to.

I talked to Russ last night though (Russ is a guy from some forums I ramble with sometimes about anime). Made me feel a lot better. Not as depressed that is.

"moving on the floor now babe, your a bird of paradise"

Yeah need to get some clothes on and finish my ice-cream pop ;___; I want to go about as much as I want my midterms to be moved to being due today...

I want to play KHII, watch Tokyo Godfathers, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and play RuneScape when I'm at Matt's though atleast so I'm not AS depressed....

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