January 10th, 2008

female Protagonist


I'm going to be taking a semi-hiatus from MSN. I'll still be on LJ & reachable by e-mail. 

I'm not going to post my reasons [don't think I don't want to talk to you D:], but they are very personal. 

I may just be in "Appear Offline" so I can see if Trev comes online [or Armie in a few weeks :3], but yeah no small talk from me right now on any of the Instant Messengers....not that I'm having any anyway ;___;

EDIT-- I will be on AIM, as I am planning on trying out RPing Axel
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female Protagonist


Yeah more music I've been listening to latley~

001 "Martyr" -- Depeche Mode,
002 "Sukiyaki" -- Sakamoto Kyu,
003 "Meantime" -- Imogen Heap,
004 "Kukuruu Mountain" -- from The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck,
005 "I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship" -- David Bowie,
006 "Hips Don't Lie" -- Shakira,
007 "Oh Lamour (August Remix)" -- Erasure,
008 "Tri-Angle" -- Dong Bang Shin Ki,
009 "Rowdy Rumble (Justin Lincoln Piano Arrangment)" -- KHII,
010 "Out Of My Head" -- Mobile,
011 "More Than A Feeling" -- Boston,
012 "Mamasita" -- The Red Elvises,
013 "Come Undone" -- Duran Duran,
014 "Storm In A Teacup" -- Erasure,
015 "Mizerable" -- Gackt,
016 "Out of Control" -- She Wants Revenge,
017 "It's Called A Heart" -- Depeche Mode,
018 "Explosive" -- Bond,
019 "Carry On" -- from Hunter x Hunter,
020 "Sweet Sweet Baby (The Moo-Moo Mix)" -- Erasure 

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