October 25th, 2007



Well I have a stomach flu.

It isn't as bad as the last one I had, and I have felt very chipper today. I was actually bright-eyed&bushy-talied during Art History :3 [also I love mentioning Hadrian >.> who I called 'Haden' briefly' today ^^; I MUST BE SICK!


I went to London Drugs tonight ^^; and bought a belt [as my pants are now too lose], 3 cans of vegitable soup, and a 2-liter bottle of Orange Crush pop. I also picked-up my perscriptions.

I have been told not to drive, or to take then with alcohol....BAH! There goes my Thursday Night fun D:

I was told they will DEFINATLY make me drowsy...like horse traquilizer drowsy.

I might just take them soon and go to bed...or take them and see how long I can fight it! I need to know due to me having class, and needing to take them 3 times a day....


I didn't stay in Visual Fundamentals today as it was something I had no idea how to do since Ms.Bowes is away [thank-you; yet not as she will be pissy about her not taking my portfolio and thus is the same as me not handing it in...I left by the others but it migrated acrossed the room, where I found it when I had Drawing so I took it back home with me so it wouldn't get stolen. Then I didn't get her e-mail about making sure she got it the next day by 5:00pm because I am/was sick/asleep! So I told her it would be in my drawer. I have since changed the portfolio it was in so I could use my good one to carry around. However it is still in my drawer, even right now at this moment *knocks on wood* unless it was stolen.] and I didn't have cardboard and whatever else I needed...


I should start a gang, so I could say I'm "'Gangsta' bitch!'" >.> *snerk* "Represent'aaan!" *rolls eyes yet still posses with arms crossed* "Yeh." [yes I am being weird tonight :P]


Hibiki is at rest now...in the dumpster.


How do I go on, knowing I destroyed my 6 years worth of friendship?

I'll try. I just hope I can find a way.
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