September 30th, 2007



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*I iz ded*

I don't know what has slayed me more today?

"The Taming of The Shrew"**?

Flanting sexual inuendos to gargantsuprise?

rainbowserenity's "Axel's Adventures"?


BTW I only have like 2 irl weighs to deal with now, and come Friday like only 1 :3

I am like 'high on life' *biach* :D


I think I am reading in further than I should (or further than I should for English class XD) be about the Lord's sexuality, and his involvment with his Page >.>

[Introduction] Scene#01, Lines 105-112:

"Sirrah, go you to Barthol'mew my page
 And see him dressed in all suits like a lady.
That done conduct him to the drunkard's chamber
And call him "madam"; do him obeisance.
Tell him from me---as he will win my love---***
He bear himself in honorable action
Such as he hath observed in nobel ladies
Unto their lords, by them accomplished.****

***If he wishes to
****as ladies do to their lords


The Page then dresses-up like a lady, and pretends to be Sly's wife. He also says that he would bed with him, but the doctor fears that he would go back into maddness...but the way he said it made me giggle sooooo bad.


I still NEED ice-cream ;-; (I might just have to break-down and buy some later this week >.>)

User names like wanked my coding ;-;

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