September 29th, 2007



 I am soo damn lazy-feeling today.

I stayed in bed to 2:30pm (and as soon as I got-up I remembered that I had missed 'The Pit' (computer lab for DD1380) hours, so I can't finish my composite image today -_____-;

I was bummed last night for a few hours, but I slept sooo good thanks to finally being warm.

This morning I'm not bummed at all, and it was great that one of the first things I saw today was "OMG Lestat" picture from Armadei~ :3

I now need to get my half scanned!

[Continuation of really bad Lestat impersonation: The wonder! The glory that is mine, that you managed to capture exquisitely on paper! It really moved me to tears.]



I need some Halo3, or atleast to play some game on some system (*shhh* I "don't" have 'Fable' that I could be playing on my PC >.>)...I might just go and play some KHII or some "Ape Escape 2"....


Oh and Matt = the sex *lmao*


I bought a new pair of Killua pants yesterday (Greed Island, as the pair I have are too big now). I was surprised WalMart had the same brand out again this year o_o; a October tradition?

I also bought another Killua wig, well a spare as it was $4.80

Oh and a AWESOME stripped zip-up hoody :D (and a 4 pack of plain white t-shirts to mangle...oh and a white ringer shirt with a black neck and sleeves thing!)

[will take pictures; maybe?]


I am now bored, and think I might go pee, and then crawl into bed with my sketch book and draw :3

And then go play PS2 ^^; 


Oh and I got a plant!!! (from WalMart);

(I want to name it....and I need to see if Marsha has a bigger pot, and some spare potting soil, as I think it really needs to have what it is in stinks!)

[and I can't play PS2 until Marianna comes back, and finds the remote for the TV (can't switch to video-imput without remote -__-)
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