September 18th, 2007


Got Some HxH DJ In The Mail~

*poke poke* x *slither slither* x In the hole

 Yeah telophaseposted a entry awhile ago, that if anyone wanted something while she was in Japan she would try to pick it up (but not go out of her way).

I asked for ether the 3 bilingual "GeGeGe no Keitaro" volumes, something by Tooko Miyagi, or some HxH goods.

I go to my mail today, and recieved 2 Hunter x Hunter doujinshis :3

Sadley they are General mostly, but I took some pictures of a few parts (I shall scan both-in-all when I get a scanner ^^;).

Hopefully you will be able to view the semi-poor quality pictures; here.

I just wish I could read Japanese so I could enjoy them even more than I already am :3 

Now just to pay her $9.20USD ^^; 


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