August 19th, 2007


Voice Post: 'Christmas in August'

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"Hello! Ah..ah yeah; early morning Voice Post 'Mach 29-something-or-other...I think last time I started one off with Mach-whatever it was like in the 30's...but anyway, the Tartarous isn't going so fast...
Um, yes! I'm making a Voice Post because I'l-my Paid Account should be done now, because I sent it about a week ago. Um, I...Last night had a interesting experience.
I got 'blindfolded' and led out into the back-porch, for..-- into the area that's June's appartment for; 'Christmas in August' *sigh*.
They had a fiber-optic tree set-up, and...*sigh* decorations like tinsel and-- I got presents; I got a garden gnome that lights-up -solar powered-"