August 14th, 2007


Stolen & modified from Telophase

Six (6) people who leave a comment will be chosen at random. This post will be left up for a day** so it's not just first come, first served. [**Actually it will be up 'till Saturday, and you might not get these till after September 2nd >.>] I'll determine chosen requests by a roll of the dice. I will post the fandoms for which I am willing to draw and will only honor requests from those categories. Choose whatever fandom you want, as long as I am aware of it! Here's the twist, if you get a picture from me, I want a picture from you. Even if you're not an artist, I want to see an image (by my request) from the same fandom you've requested. These images must be hosted on your own webspace ether on LiveJournal, DeviantART, or on some other image-hosting site. If you don't have means to scan images, you can draw on mah Oekaki BBS ( All images will be posted as  comments a entry, so check back if you're interested. You may post this on your own journal. 

Get cracking :P
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Brown House#001

This is mostly for my reference, but yeah this is what was formally the 'Alexander Brown' house in my copy of The Sims 2. Alex-honey is now married (I made him scoop-up the first person he got 100% with >.> eventhough he is Romance-type). Though I guess it doesn't mean much to be married, since he already had a affair with the mailman o_o Sheldan....

Collapse )

My 'in-game' screenshots don't work right, so I had to use the ALT+Print Screen method ^^;

Oh I forgot to show some of Alex's REALLY odd paintings. 

The pink-one, the tiger-one, and the 2nd sunset ones are his....I think he has his own style :P

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