July 13th, 2007

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Greenwood x Pictures x Bento

Ok so June, Wendy, & I went to Greenwood today.

I spent a crap load at Zellers ^^;

I bought 3 new hats, some mini-icecube things, some flamingo food-picks, a new little 'Lock n' Lock' container, and some awesome official Nintendo gummies.

The icecube flowers are going to be used for drinks, and as little ice-packs for my dessert portion of my lunch. They are about the size of a toonie.

The Nintendo gummies don't taste good (but they taste awesome since they are a actual Nintendo product), but are brightly colored. It's like they went big on the food dye. The package boosts that they are "3-D"; but come-on it's not like I paid $1.25 for some pictures of gummy-candy ^^;

The 'Lock n' Lock' container is about 1/3rd the size of the one I use for my lunch. It is going to be used for holding fruit & cookies. It has 2 removable sections/dividers.

I also spend pretty much my last GST money, and laid-way a new DVD player. The 'GO Video' thing I currently have is CRAP! The VCH works good, but the DVD player is all "bad disk" to even store-bought DVDs. It's a wank.

We helped June choose a outfit for her 50th Anniversary party.

Then we went to DollarRama.

I bought 3 things of cookes, a carton of Québec-made apple juice, and this awesome Canada mini-lunchbox made out of metal. I'm going to be keeping my smaller bento items in it (like food picks, silicon cups, and such).

Than we went to Country Store to pick-up the 50th Anniversary cake top. I prefer 'Acadian Maple' over 'Turkey Hill' anyday when it comes to maple syrup products. I wish that I had more money in order to have bought some chocolate coins, and some loose tea.

Next we went to Canadian Tire, so I could get a new air pump. The guy was really nice, and showed me the one he got for himself, and said it was way better than a foot or electric pump. So yeah I paid for it (all but $3.84) in Canadian Tire money ^^; I can't wait to tent and try it :3

When we got home I let Minnow and Holly out of June's room, and Holly let herself out in the porch via ramming the door untill it opened o_o;

I made a cucumber & carrot samich, and put something else in the package for Armadei [which will be sent out near August 1st, since I need 3 more things for it :P (no anime this time, since all my disks are going to be used for myself during recovery time). It does contain 1/2 a box of chai tea XD]

Ok here are some random photos I took this week ^^;

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I'll post picks of my hats later-on. Oh and some of the mini-lunchbox ^_^