May 10th, 2007

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*bwhaha* I was born under Satis :P

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But yeah speaking of Egypt it's time for another of Sarah's rambling ideas;

I believe Isis cheated on Osiris with Ra, and thus got Horus.
Not that I can blame her. She doesn't look the type to look at a mummy and say "I'd hit that."
Also what else did she have to choose from? Amon was probably "hell no, I'm not going there." Thoth was probably too nerdy. Who would want Seth (weird donkey thing), Anubis most likely wouldn't approve of it since he IS the god of mummification. Sobek & Bes are defiantly off that list. 
Bastet? I don't think so (though someone should write IsisxBastet yuri XD).
Why not aim for the top? Isis probably thought that falcon head was sexy to.
Thus we get Horus.

Yes that was one big thing of crap XD

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mizerable Gackt

*pokes herself*

*Gah* my last few posts have been so Emo >_< (not including my crack Egyptian god post)

I have typically been in a good mood latley.

I'm mostly caught-up in school work (have to make another childern's book over the weekend, and get some stuff photocopied)

GPRC filled out my scholarship "Verification of Acceptance" forms, so Bev can pick those up on Wendsday.

Mr. Neville is all set to send my tuition off, and if needed (if my mom backs-out of her promise) my housing rent.

I've got most of my other stuff together, and a box to put my winter clothes and sheet set in, to send to I guess Marsha.

I've secured my room there, in unit like '105-H' in room '4' :) So I have a place all set for myself with internet, cable, and phone if I wish (I have to pay for it, but they have it all set-up).

I've got my list of courses ready, I just have to call and get help filling my sheets out, and sending it off.

I'm on good terms again with Mrs. Ward. She told me I've got pretty much everything sorted out, and to let her know when I'm done course registration, and when the transcripts are needed. Also she will tell me when I can apply for a student loan, at the end of the month.

I've almost got my license ^_^ I just need to finish my road hours and take my road test.


Sure I still have no fucking idea what i'm going to do after my 3 years of school. Or what I would want to do besides the vague 'visual arts'.

I'll miss Minnow, but I'm sure June will take care of her.

My best friend has somewhat decided what he wants to do.

I'm just waiting on my love to find his path, because I want him to feel more stability and happiness.

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