April 19th, 2007

Vanilla Gackt (ZOMG sexzay!)


Ok guess what~ :D

I am am now part of the Graduated License Program, meaning.....;


Only got one real mistake. I put down that you are supposed to report all accidents to the police. It is really that you only have to report accidents causing injury, death, or damages over $1000CAD....oh well. I also put down 50km/h in the blank on the sign test, instead of the sign's number (i.e. 25), for a sigh showing approaching speed limit change ^^;

I do have to wear my glasses while driving though, which is s'lright!

Now just 3 months of assisted driving and I can get my 5N license and drive by mahself :3
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Ok I am sooooooo bored~ *meh* I had looked forward to playing D20 Lylat with my honey tonight, since I can be online till 11pm tonight and no school tommorrow. However Matts and I have been having difficulties all night *bah* But we have played some so s'lright. I REALLY need to re-download Hunter x Hunter, and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and REC, and Pita-Ten, and the rest. AND MORE LUCKY STAR (awesome slice-of-life anime, with cool characters and a SWEET opening song :D) Collapse ) Me, June and Kenny are going to NEW MINAS tomaro (to-morrow). I have $60 to spend too :3 going to buy Twin Snakes if they have it, and Kingdom Hearts. I also want to look at the keyboard vaccuums. ---- We have a squirrel in our pourch. Little tiny brown one. We set out a live trap but nothing yet, I can't blame it though.