February 26th, 2007


Virus maybe? Computer Trouble...

Well I think i may have another case of a virus on my comp'.
This one makes all my folders 'read only' in that I can edit things, but if I select 'display by name' or such they revert back once I've left them.
Also I can't restore past Febuary 20th. It's not even letting me look at past months, and it gives me a 'restore failed' error. I know I have planty of space for a System Restore left (3GB), so I'm rather pissed.
Also it may or may not have caused MSN to crash several times, and erase all of my emots, settings, and display pictures. It's working now though....
The only things I've installed are 'Sayz Me', 'NaturalSoft', & 'MBROLA Project', aswell as a few MicroSoft TTS add-ons.
I am seriously considering going home and ordering a new external HD from Dell, copying off all my "important" files, and then just reinstalling Windows XP.
I probally will after I tinker with it a bit more, and see if I can't get this shit fixed -____-;
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Well more bad news...I'm sick

I now belive I may have the flu

I've felt really sick to my stomach all day. I've had a slight fever since Thursday, aswell as other flu-like symtoms. I've also had a really dry mouth.

I am staying home tommorrow, and maybe Wendsday aswell -___-; though I won't be having much fun. Maybe I'll watch more Ouran Host Club and eat Mr. Noodles >.> aswell as drink plenty of clear fluids.

I am worried about my computer -__- but I need rest so I can get better,

I'm going to try TrendMicro HouseCall one more time, and if it closes this time, I'm going to install PC-illin trial again maybe.

Take-care everyone and I hope to be back soon...
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