February 21st, 2007

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Ouran Host Club & D20 Lylat

I started playing D20 Lylat with Matts. All is good, I made a character based off Zinnian, actually I called him Zinnian, but he has a lot of differences. I still want to be seme though -__-; 

I'm playing Zinn differently than I usally do. I can really get into the whole-fullblown mindset when it's Matt I'm rping with *sigh* so I played Zinnian too...er...girly(?) maybe last time -_- But if I play him like the seme I generally think of him as I don't know how it will work-out ^^; 

I am enjoying this MyloxZinn thing we have going though, and I am looking forward to future trusses XP

And I am starteing to get the hang of how to play too, and Matt wants to play with a group so I hope that will go smoothly (I don't think one og them likes me much at all), and I will be able to find a lot of enjoyment in a D&D/D20 group for once, instead of containt dissappointment, and shunning.


But ah yes, Ouran host club is crack.

Seriously. I like Mori A.K.A. "Wild-Type" because he is cool. I also like Tamaki, because he is..er...out of it.

I now know of 3 Tama-chans;
Tama-chan from Love Hina,
Tama-chan from Bottle Fairy,
and Tamaki from Host Club

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