February 15th, 2007


We have New York weather ^^;

Today I had my hair cut, and then I dyed it. I don't really like how it came out, it actually looks darker than before...definitely not like the chick on the box. My hair is a little too short in the back, and it escapes a bit when I put it up in a ponytail.
We had 2 storm days in a row. We got the storm they had in Albany last night/this morning. Actually the wind shook the house so much last night I was scared one of my bedroom windows was going to blow-in... I hope they cancel school tomorrow as well. I've run out of printer ink, and I need to print off what I've written for my Ancient history project. I might have to get mom to write me a note explaining that I do have the work done, I just can't print it off because of the 2 snow days, and my printer is out of ink and I can't get ink until tomorrow afterschool....
On to Saint Valentine's Day. Happy V'day to everyone :D I had a rather pleasant one. It started out rather depressing seeing all the romantic specials on TV -__- I'm not single, but I felt kinda worst than the years I have been, because my love is on the other side of Canada. I called Matt after supper to wish him a happy Valentine's Day (and he called me again that night), and it really perked me up. I also got a whole bunch of chocolate from June & Wendy. My mom got me this stack-able cat(s) thing (mariska or something like that). I love Cabury; Fruit & Nut hearts and bars they have this time of year. I don't like raisins in general, but I do in milk chocolate with almonds crammed in :3 I've already eaten 3 bars >.> and have a 4th one started, and a whole one put aside. Besides from that I have 1/3 of a Cabury; milk chocolate heart left from this afternoon.....
Oh and CSI is on tonight *blah* in 15 mins in fact -___-; I hope I don't miss it! CSI; Miami on Monday made me cry when Delco asked for his sister (she died last season on her wedding day).


Btw I love LJ's new Valentine layout ^^
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