December 4th, 2006

mizerable Gackt

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“Snowflakes fall like the tears, that are running down my face. I want to hold you just one more time, I think of you night and day, wondering if you feel the same” ___December Love Song (Engrish version) -- Gackt

Well it is now snowing outside. Snowing heavily. Last time it snowed during the day I was happy, now I’m all “WTF?” but still not angry or depressed XD

I was warned to not be blinded by the snow, and I told him not to get lost going to his mom’s car (snow blindness) ^^;

I finished the outline of this short film I have an idea for, will post later >.> if my mom gets the internat again.

Yes I went almost all of last week and the whole weekend with out interweb ___- so I watched a bunch of anime and went to the downpour that was Midnight Madness in B’town.


I made 2 snow cats last night (they were failed KitsuneGumas) I'll hopefully be able to take some pictures today and upload them later in the week :D

I should also post those pictures from last year of the kitsuneGuma I made that was almost as tall as me.

I can't make very large snowmen because I can't lift the middle part -__- I also get too tired to make more than 2 at a time, or even attempt a snowfort :3