November 23rd, 2006


Onward to victory!

First off last night Lloyd Robertson was wearing glasses and I was all "What the hell?!" Though I do realize he is getting rather old, and must have started having problems seeing the teleprompter.

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Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to teh Americans! I shall be consuming turkey today as well (if my stomach settles down -_-). Turkey ala King, which has been "preordered" from one of the churches in town that is holding a fundraising supper today. I can't remember which one it's not the I is probally the Baptist or the United. Bridgetown has 3 all on the same corner...I don't go to any of them though, 'cept the Anglican because I had Drivering lessons there.

I actually have once again forgotten all I was going to I might edit this later.

Oh and I apologize to the flist that have NO IDEA WHAT I JUST RAMBLED ABOUT XD