November 12th, 2006

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Cooked our Thanksgiving turkey today...yes we are going to eat it 5 weeks late >.> with squash and sweet potatoes....

I relized last night that my roots are now showing ^^; yet another reason to dye my hair again. I'm not all "OMG I can't be seen with my roots showing!" but I have wanted to dye it again for the past month or so. Though the ammount that is showing is not that much, and that suprises me since I thought my hair had grown more then it has.

I love the band Kasabian. I just started lisening to them after hearing the MTV Live preformance last week. Club Foot (download here) totally reminds me of Zinnian...

Nero 6-ed about 9 episodes of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I hope to actually have time to watch them in the next week.

Need to get up at 6:30am tomaro due to flu shot gettage, and to get my Singular (Blue Cross has covered the last 4 times I've gotten it, and then decides to not on my 5th time -_-) letter/form sent off.

I totally forgot all of what I was going to post ;-; memory like a seive.

btw cooked-unsweetened quinces taste really bad....and once again I don't like at all the smell of cooking parsnips. I love parsnips btw soooo yummy.

Here are pictures of Zinnian, and a sketch of Minnow to compansate.

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