November 6th, 2006



Ok I had a tough night last night with my asthma. I didn't sleep like 4 hours and I went to bed at 9:00pm.

So I told June I was too tired to go school that morning, and stayed home. I planned to go for afternoon classes.

Well I get to school thinking it was Day 7. I take my free and finish my MULT12 paper. I send it to myself so that I can do my bibliography page tonight (done btw).

The bell rings and I head for what I am sure is Physics class.

I get to the classroom, and noone is there.

I check all the science labs and find no class.

So after all this running around my asthma kicks in, and I decided to say "Screw Physics" and go home.

So I sign out saying that my reason was a free, and I was going home. I said I had a free because I could not find any class, and generally when I have a free the 12's have English or Math, and I just guessed I had a free.

I go to my locker to get my hat/coat because it was snowing (-_-), and Matthew waves at me and accuses me of skipping Film. I thought he was joking and ask "Are you sure?" and that is followed by checking my schedule, and finding out it is in fact Day 1.

I decide that since I already called June to pick me up, that I am just gonna go home.

So now that I am doing Film 12 work, I realize I feel guilty about skipping.

Actually I have been missing a lot of time recently because of my variously illnesses that decided to spring on me >_<

I hope I don't get into real deep trouble from Melanson though.
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