October 27th, 2006

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Return from shopping adventure mach 5

Yesterday even though I felt like crap in the morning, EB Games called to say my pre-order of Nightfall had arrived, so I got ready to catch the 12:00pm bus to Greenwood.

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I really enjoyed going though Kentville, since the annual Pumpkin People event is taking place. I wish I could have had a video camera and filmed the various pumpkin people.

I saw; a blue horse complete with rider-a short fat, mustached man, wearing a skirt-a green unicorn-a full marching band-a purple cardboard box hot dog stand-a picnic table with umbrella, and a real person filming it with a camera on a tripod-Batman-another full marching band this time in red outfits-a troop of ether Cadets, or The Salvation Army-a maypole complete with children-a horse and buggie-a prom couple-a bride and groom-as well a a crap load more

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Then I went to look at the Halloween costumes. I wanted to try and find a cheap white wig (spikey or not I didn't care). I had settled on this light brown bargain wig ($7.95 -_-). Then I went to look for white hair spray stuff (I had orange one year,a nd have seen white and silver before). Then I saw this little hanging rack of packaged wigs. There was fros, black rocker ones...and then I saw it. "Punk Wig" it was white and spikey, and short. Also it was only $5.75 So I bought it and was all bubbley. 

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There were these guys looking at the costumes aswell. One pulled out this child's Darth Vader outfit.
"I wonder if I could sqeeze into this?"
"You jokin'?"
"It's Darth Vader, come on!"

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So on Tuesday I shall be joining my 'friends' Ichigo from "Bleach", possibly Keitaro from "Love Hina", and some odd character Neville has yet to tell me who.

Yes we are geeks/dorks. Though we shan't be the only 'cosplayers' at school. There is a girl that has dressed up as Sasuke from "Naruto" for the past 2-3 years.

I was asked by Cullen why I don't dress-up as girl characters. The truth is there are few girl characters I like. I like Sara from "Gallery Fake", Aka from "REC", Neon, and Pakunoda from "HxH" and Shia from "Pita-Ten". I would love to dress as Shia, but it looks rather expensive/hard. I might try for Aka though :D

Oh and if I can get to the V&S (Variaty Store) I think I might buy some cheap ($1yard) fabric and make a Mike costume for Minnow XD I always dress her up anyway so why not make a HxH themed. I have a no-sew pattern for a simple coat/vest, some felt and some stick-on Velcro.
So yeah that's it. Now just to go to the V&S tommorrow and Home Hardware (need some AA batteries). 

EDIT-- I didn't realize how ill I look in those pics >_> Though I was/am sick at that time/now.
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