October 24th, 2006

female Protagonist

"Burn, baby burn."__Horatio

Well the really  good things about yesterday were my lunch (Chef Boyardi; raviolis), "Psycho" in Film12, Alchemy_Hisoka's many comments/replies (I really luff that girl), ghost-decorations, and CSI; Miami.

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I am doing much better today, and can't wait for Film12.

Danté (Mr. d'Entremont) scared the crap out of Jill, Jasper, & around 1/4 of the class today XD

Jill had the hic-cups, and Danté was telling her about his uncle, and how there are only two ways to clear hic-cups up fast;

Hold your breath,
Focus on them, and stopping them.

Then Jasper started to mention this woman who had them for 40 years and went to hundreds of doctors, and then----Danté yelled a really loud *GRAWR* at Jill accompanied by the whole bear movement. It was hilarious. Jill still had hic-cups afterward though...

I really enjoyed CSI; Miami last night. It wasn't "the scariest episode yet" however. Still really good. I LOVE HORATIO! Followed by Wolfe :3 though Wolfe did wear the same ash-mix-light-purple t-shirt for the whole episode which took place over 2-3 days.

I have a new Gackt user pic btw >;3 I plan on if I get the chance to make a Halloween one ether using a Zinnian chibi, or that-old-Killua-dressed-like-a-ghost-with-Killua-written-on-the-sheet ava I used to have.

We hung out 3 ghosts in the chestnut tree on our front lawn. One is a hanged one with (X_X) eyes, one is a (X_X) faced one and he has arms (I've nicknamed him Jean Chrétien, since I drew his mouth on crooked), and the last one is half the size, and has (o_o) eyes. I took pictures and will upload when I get the chance.

If I'm not online (i.e. MSN) for around the next 2 weeks, it is because my mom didn't pay her phone bill. Just letting anyone who cares know (^^;).
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