October 10th, 2006

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Well Ham-day was alright. I had terrible luck trying to eat however >_< I kept spilling it.

And regular CSI was on before CSI; Miami last night on CTV, and me thinking it was 10pm, instead of 9:54pm thought that Miami wasn't on and regular was going to show instead. I was all *rawr rawr rawr* for like the whole 6mins. I haven't been all *rawr* over much latley, but the thought of no Horatio, totally did.

Back at t3h skoolz today ^^ it's s'alright, though I still feel really giddery due to my orangé juice from this mornin', vitamin C likes to do that to me.

My Kritters-In-The-Mail order payment should clear tommorrow. I hope Trevory likes it ^_^ & Wendy likes her moose listpad I ordered for her for Christmas to go with the gaudy moose-in-a-box-with-fake-tree-fake-snow-and-lots-of-pinecones-and-glitter-and-other-decorative-things. I still need to find a box for it...and some duct-tape, and maybe even some rivets to make sure she doesn't peek again.

Anyway I don't really have much to say, except;
"just_picture_meplease go online some time that I'm on! I really miss our ramblings!"

I am becoming really net-lonely. No one seems to come online anymore >_< except Chisa-Chisa, and Chase & Kurt (2 guys from DA that I ramble with).

I love pumpkin pie :D 'cept when it's burnt. Burnt in this case doesn't mean sexy or anything good.

Oh and if anyone ever wants a Gmail invite let me know I still have; 97 left
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