October 8th, 2006

female Protagonist

"...I see a tail..."

As you can tell by that poor quality webcam picture, is that yes I do infact have Guild Wars; Nightfall on preorder :D This here is the bonus-stuffies-disk.

However I plan on buying the regular version to play untill Christmas.

I took other pictures but to take the time and post them all would take away precious fanfic reading time (*snerk*).

Anyway I have been on something similar to quarantine since Thursday. Dr. Yafai told me I had better refrain from going to school/going out side, until my cold/fever cleared up some.

Well my fever did go down quite a bit yesterday, so I hope to be able to attend schoolz on Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? Because as my Canadian f-listings folk may know (to my knowledge only koo^^;) Monday is Thanksgiving :D And what does this Thanksgiving mean for me in the way of lovely food items?


Yes ham. -Not turkey-. Since this year like everyone in my house is like sick. And we don't feel like brineing/cooking a *gobble-gobble*. Atleast I get yummy pineapple sauce :D


I bought;

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 *lmao* My favourite is the "Pumpkin Orange Mélange", due to it's witty author comment.

I also bought some Halloween decoration items.

I spent most of yesterday painting these little wooden fladermauses I bought, and this door hanger thing.


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Yes I have no idea why I figured they should have yellow grins...


Need go back in a few and tape "Fur & Loathing", aswell as chop-up/freeze tomatoes.

So I'm off to finish "Intense Orange", listen to JPOP then go head back to do my worst fear to fruit/vegetables.


Oh I forgot to mention the frost we had Friday/Saturday wiped-out most of my garden, including what was covered with tarp.

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Well It is now 6:07PM and I have missed the begining of said CSI, so I'm not bothering >_< next time maybe. I will still be taping the other 2 Halloween themed episodes. I don't know why I even wanted to tape it ^^♪
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