September 28th, 2006

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Hello, Hello!

Anyway no GWs screens today it seems.

I can't download the file due to YSI being blocked as wedmail here on the school server.

Can I just say >_<


In other news I wish Matt would call/IM me. Like seriously. Ah but I give-up. If he really wants to talk to me he can call, because I'm tired of calling and feeling like I'm bugging him.  (*warg* that sounded kinda snarky...I'm not though, I just don't generally know when he is off/at school till)

I won't be online tonight probbally. Not that anyone really cares ^^;

I have to go to Dr. Yafai's and see about my test results....and get Mobocox, and my inhaler refilled.


I am almost ranty of having no place to go during my mid-day frees.

I can't go to the library, because it doesn't open till 12:30pm most days, and if Mrs.MacDonald is away it isn't open at all.

I can't go to the caf' because of the "little kids" having their luch hour.

I can't go to the computer lab (usally) since there is ether a class or it's Junior lunch/computer time.

I can't go to a empty classroom because they hae all seem to have classses during my mid-day frees, and I can only go to the ones on the Senior side of the school.

I can't go outside because it is like 10oC here and I don't have a jacket with me.

And I DEFINATLY cannot be hanging around in the halls.

The only place I CAN actually be at is the Senior girls washroom. Though spending a little over a hour in a washroom doesn't sound much fun or sane.


I am off however to go to lovely Physics 11 :D And sit next to pretty Jasper (no I don't have a thing for him, but he is very man-pretty ^^;)
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