September 26th, 2006


Physics 11 rambles

Well I got my Physics assignment back, and was happy to have received a 66%. Why is this good? Because I have been getting a lot wrong because I keep wanting to use the old formulas for the new work.

The reason I didn't get a higher mark, was because I didn't do question 9, I subtracted the acceleration of gravity from the acceleration of the jet-car, instead of dividing the jet-cat over gravity. I also did two other questions with the wrong formulas, and got them right when I went back and re-did them with the new d=1/2(Vf+Vi)t formula. That is; distance equals the average velocity multiplied by time. I.e. A car is going at 20m/s then accelerates to 30m/s in 3.0s, how far has it traveled in those 3.0s? so it would be; d=1/2(30+20)3.0 so the distance is 75m

Yep now that goes like *zoom* past most of t3h friends ^^;

Anyway it makes me feel much better, now to just get help with the whole curved velocity-time graphs and the whole line thing, which I can't remember the name of for finding the rise/run thing of a curved instantaneous point...

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