September 17th, 2006

female Protagonist


Ok hi quick post because I can ^_^

Didn't finish all of my Mult 12 work due tuesday ^^; but I DID finish my Film 12 essay :D

I wrote 355 words instead of 200-250 >_< but I'm too lazt to trim it...

I started watching REC :3 each episode is like 11mins but it is very good. I downloaed the trailer and episode 1 in like May but just watched it today. SAy episode 2 on YouTube while 1-9 download. Only 600mb or so :D

Anyway I g2g home and crash so I can get up for school.

I wish I had gotten to call Matt and Trev though >_<

*hugs for all*

Oh and I put "Honey Water" and "Night After Night (songfic)" on :D

Seriously I like how I wrote "Honey Water"! I feel like writing something else now...maybe I will during my frees on Tuesday. Tomaro's frees are dedicated to finishing my Mult 12 work ^^;

Jihaku r0xz0rz btw!

EDIT-- Oh and I went to The Show & Shine today :) piccies of the cars are in my Yahoo! Photos :)
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