September 10th, 2006

Vanilla Gackt (ZOMG sexzay!)


Well I'm doing a lot better now.

My front teeth feel weird o_o they have felt weird since like Tuesday. I need to get up to Dal' soon I guess.

Matt and I are seriously considering getting Guild Wars :) Ah the joys of party play once again!

My old skool 1970's Sony Walkman headphones stopped working last night. Same thing that happened with my other Sony ones. One of the wires came out of the jack thing. Delicate to fix, Impossible with my fingers. So I begged Mom to buy me new ones when we go to Greenwood next. They still make my favorite kind still so I'm definitely getting that kind if they have any in (like $17CAD).

I sent Trevor his long promised parcel of Birthday/Graduation goodness. Should take 11 business days I was told :)

I FINALLY bought Minnow worm pills. 1 1/2 cost me $9.12 And we had a little trouble getting them into her, but we managed after we wrapped her up in her sleeping blanket and pinned her sides. Then stuck the pill in her mouth, and held it shut, while massaging her neck/cheeks. I felt bad for putting her though that, but she seems more perked up today, and she has forgiven me so it's all good. Die you little intestinal buggers!


Phantom Gourmet Food Festival!!!!!


Well I had better go and make some tacos for school lunches/supper.

This concludes this rather good natured post and will be preceding another bad news post.
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